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Dinner Menu
Bread Board
Bully’s bread selection of olive focaccia, pumpernickel ciabatta & sundried tomato bread warmed over the char-grill.  Served with our home made dips, balsamic oil & dukah
Small  11.80     To Share   17.80

Warmed Triple Garlic Loaf
Filled with melted garlic & herb butter   8.50
Side dish of garlic & chilli marinated kalamata olives   4.50

Our Homemade Soup of the Day
Served with garlic, olive & herb bread
Regular serve   12.00     Large Serve   15.50

Bully Hayes Famous Seafood Chowder
An abundance of New Zealand seafood, served with garlic, olive & herb bread
Regular serve   14.00   Large serve   17.80


Smoked Chicken & Corn Risotto
Our house smoked chicken breast, crispy belly bacon and roasted sweetcorn cooked into a creamy risotto of carnaroli rice topped with parmesan cheese 15.80
House made Chicken Liver Pate [G]
Served with pumpernickel toast points, onion jam, port wine jelly and cornichons       15.80

Grilled Mussel flats
Half shell mussels topped with fresh citrus butter and herb crumb then grilled until golden 
Served with small green salad and lemon wedge            16.50
Pan Fried Scallops     [G]
Seared Atlantic scallops served with crispy pork belly with a pea puree, hollandaise and jus 19.80
Merino Lamb Fillets with Spanakopita
Lamb loin marinated with lemon zest, oregano and garlic, lightly seared and served medium rare with a traditional Greek salad with tzatziki and spanakopita fingers 18.50
Bully's house cured Akaroa Salmon Gravlax [G]
Bully’s sake and salt cured Akaroa salmon fillet sliced and served with blini, pickled, miso crème fraiche and salmon roe accompanied with wafu dressed greens and pickled cucumber          17.50
Seafood Platter [G]

Chef’s daily choice of local seafood’s including our hot smoked salmon, salmon pate, salmon gravlax, fresh fish ceviche, poached salmon, marinated mussels, herb butter grilled mussel flats, tempura prawns, crispy squid and Thai fish cake with dipping sauces         41.50
Side of char-grilled breads       4.80

 Pasta / Risotto
Vegetarian Puttanesca Linguine   [V]

Courgette, tomato, capsicum, capers, olives. red onion, garlic and olive oil sautéed and tossed with linguini and topped with parmesan cheese 24.50

Prawn Cutlet Linguine
Pan-fried prawn cutlets tossed with spiced chorizo, tomato and linguine in a crayfish bisque sauce finished with rocket 29.50

Pork Ragout Rigatoni
Pork shoulder braised in tomato stock with fresh chilli, garlic, fennel and red wine, tossed with rigatoni pasta and finished with parmesan cheese 28.50


Bully’s House Salad with Arancini  [G,V]
Fresh crisp seasonal garden salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, marinated feta, nuts and seeds dressed with an orange & mustard olive oil vinaigrette topped with mushroom and cheese arancini balls      21.50

Super Grain Salad [G, V]
Red quinoa, pearl barley, cauliflower, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, sultanas, goji berries tossed with baby green leaves dressed in a citrus infused yoghurt 21.50

With grilled 200g aged Beef Rib-eye Fillet   13.00              With a Breast of house Smoked Chicken   9.50
With Bully’s Sake & Salt cured Salmon Gravlax   10.00                        With Hot Smoked Akaroa Salmon   10.00

Light Mains
Akaroa Sea Run Salmon [G]

Skin fried 180g salmon fillet served over a ragout of courgette, tomato, baby gourmet potatoes, mussels and baby clams. Finished with crayfish oil 29.80           
Battered Chatham Island Blue Cod  [G]
Fillets of Blue Cod freshly cooked to order with our crispy golden batter. Served with salad greens, home-made tartare, lemon wedges and French fries        29.80

Steamed Marlborough Mussel Bowl [G]
Premium green lip mussels steamed with tomato Provençale sauce spiked with a hint of red curry and topped with fresh aromatic herbs. Served with grilled pumpernickel bread to mop up the juices 500g 17.80 1kg 27.80
West Coast Whitebait Omelette   [G]
The revered West Coast delicacy served in a light omelette with salad greens, lemon wedges and grain toast      22.80

All mains include your choice of seasonal salad, steamed vegetables or French fries
Crispy Skin Groper Fillet   [G]
Pan seared groper served on a warm salad of prawns, pearl barley, heirloom tomatoes, spinach and lemon zes.t Finished with a citrus dressing 38.00

Monkfish Fillet    [G]
Grilled monkfish fillet served in a seafood and saffron broth with sea lettuce, karengo kelp and summer vegetables including baby fennel, cherry tomatoes, courgette and spring onions 35.00

                     Thai Spiced Yellow Vegetable Curry       [V]
 Thai inspired yellow curry of kumara, chickpeas, beans and cauliflower bound in a coconut cream sauce. Served with scented jasmine rice with coriander and wasabi coconut crisps accompanied by a refresher salad topped with mung beans and toasted cashews 32.00

 Pork Loin Cutlet    [G]
Freedom Farmed Pork cutlet filled with an apple and cranberry stuffing and served with a rocket, pear and parmesan salad with balsamic glaze 37.00

 Chicken Breast Saltimbocca
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and parmesan and wrapped in pancetta. Served over a salad of baby cos leaves, zucchini, olives, peas and toasted walnuts with a sour cream & Dijon dressing 35.00
High Country Venison Rump   [G]
Venison Rump char grilled to rare served on kumera puree with sautéed kale, honey roasted baby carrots, blackberry compote and red wine jus 39.00
Silere Alpine Origin Merino Lamb loin   [G]
Slow cooked sous vide herb infused rump of lamb served with a warm pumpkin salad with sumac, spinach, red onion, pumpkin seeds and goats cheese, drizzled with white balsamic dressing 42.00
“Aged Beef” 280g Rib Eye    [G]
Reserve aged Rib Eye char grilled to your liking served with a crispy potato rosti, mushroom ragout, roasted vine tomato and topped with café de paris butter and red wine jus 41.50

 “Aged Beef” 220g Beef Eye Fillet     [G]
Reserve aged fillet char grilled to your liking. Served on crushed gourmet potatoes finished with seeded mustard and fresh herbs. Accompanied by hollandaise and red wine jus 42.50


Mixed leaf salad with orange & mustard olive oil      8.50
Seasonal Summer vegetables      6.50
French Fries with garlic aioli       8.50

[G] Able to be made gluten free   [V] Vegetarian
If you have any allergies, please inform 

[G] Able to be made gluten free   [V] Vegetarian